Salesforce Solutions

Get Started on the Right Foot
Use Swantide to implement your Salesforce and onboard your team
  • Tailor your CRM to fit your business
  • Configure with software, so it’s faster, cheaper, and higher quality
  • Get ongoing support that lasts beyond initial implementation
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Add to an Existing Salesforce
Swantide is your expert copilot focused on getting the most out of your investment in Salesforce
  • Leverage Swantide’s workflow templates to build new Flows, Dashboards, Validation Rules, Apex, Custom Objects, and much more
  • Document and manage updates to your existing Salesforce processes
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Salesforce Implementation that gives you everything you need
Lead Routing & Scoring
Lead to Account Matching, Lead Routing, and Lead Scoring - all natively in Salesforce
Pipeline & Deal Workflows
Close more deals and automate manual tasks with sales automations and guardrails. Reflect your sales process in Salesforce, from initial quote to post-sales process.
Sales Metrics, Reporting, Hygiene
View sales metrics, such as conversion rates and sales cycle duration, with confidence that the data is correct
Marketing Attribution
Integrate your marketing automation platform to understand how your marketing efforts influence pipeline
Product-Led Growth Workflows
Bring product usage data and new sign-ups directly into Salesforce to give full visibility to your sales team 
Slack Workflows
Never miss a beat. Get notified instantly when a deal changes stage or a new lead comes in.
Data Upload
Easily cleanse data from your files to reduce errors when uploading to Salesforce. Proactively catch and merge duplicate records and records owned by inactive users

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