Salesforce Enhancements

Say goodbye to tedious Salesforce development
Give your sales and leadership teams everything they need, when they need it
“When we brought Swantide in, almost immediately they were able to clean up our reporting, fix and build our automations, fill in information on Accounts and Opportunities, and roll out time stamping.”
Ben Harbert
RevOps @ Idiomatic
Maximize ROI from Salesforce
Take advantage of Salesforce’s full functionality
  • Lead routing & scoring
  • Automation for manual tasks
  • Reports & dashboards with guardrails to trust the data
  • Marketing attribution
  • Product usage data
  • Slack workflows and integration
  • Access to new workflows as they are published on a bi-weekly cadence
Tested and Proven Workflows
Operate with confidence that your processes work as designed
  • Avoid errors from manually configuring processes in Salesforce
  • Deploy fully tested workflows, that work from day one
  • Access best practices leveraged by other admins
Keep Your Instance Clean
Eliminate manual and tedious work to maintain Salesforce
  • Detect and merge duplicates out of the box
  • Upload data and resolve errors in real time
  • Transfer records owned by inactive users

The Power to Get More Done

Leverage Swantide’s fully customizable workflow templates to significantly accelerate delivery timelines. Flows, Reports, Dashboards, Validation Rules, Custom Objects, Apex, and more, as you need them.

Trust Your Salesforce Data

Failure to implement the proper guardrails leads to incorrect and misleading metrics.  Trust that your business can rely on the vast amounts of data generated in Salesforce.

Configurations That Work

Manual configuration is prone to error, which slows down your team. Swantide workflows are tested extensively before they ever make it to you.

Don’t Build in Salesforce Alone

Leverage the processes and workflows used by peer organizations. Swantide workflows are designed with sales ops and engineering best practices, and are adaptable to your sales process.

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