Automated Documentation

Your Salesforce set up shouldn’t live in someone's head
Remove single points of failure and never inherit a Salesforce without up to date documentation ever again
"I honestly don’t know what we would do without [Swantide]. The product, the team; you’ve been instrumental in our ability to scale sales operations.”
Kyle Markfield
Sales Operations @ Skyflow
Documentation Powered by AI
No one has time to document every change, every time
Update Processes Quickly
Easily re-deploy workflows as changes are required
  • Re-deploy workflows as process definitions change
  • Update all reports included in a dashboard with one click
  • Easily add a new pick list value and automatically update all the associated validation rules and flows
Visibility & Relationship Management
Understand downstream impacts of your changes
  • Metadata Catalogue to view where and how every field, object, flow, etc are used across your tech stack
  • Understand the impact of your change ahead of time be quickly being able to see related components
  • Get to root cause of issues faster by looking through changes and related impacts logged in Swantide

Keep Salesforce Running

Trust that your workflows aren’t outdated. Every change to a sales or business process requires a change in Salesforce. Swantide helps you stay on top of these changes so that your CRM works as designed.

Preserve Continuity

How your Salesforce works shouldn't live in anyone's head. Ensure Salesforce is properly documented so that changes can be made, even if your admin leaves or is out of office.

A Single Source of Truth

Swantide provides a consolidated place to view the business processes in Salesforce, with links to the specific components that make up each process.

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